16 of the most unusual animals that seem to have arrived from another planet. Unearthly creatures!

Wise people are not ashamed of their ignorance and say, "You live - and learn." Indeed, once you overtake omniscience syndrome - prepare and wait for the kick. Universe immediately preparing a surprise for you that will convince you that you're just so smart, in fact, did not know. How many you have not seen! How many you have not heard! One thing is clear: our planet - is an inexhaustible source of knowledge. Just take it and learn! In entertainment magazine I have for you a very interesting finding. I am sure that such copies you certainly have not seen! It's 16 most unusual animals that seem to have arrived from another planet. Wow! Just unearthly creatures!

The only kind of family rukonozhkovyh - ay-ay

Photo: Flickr

goblin shark

Photo: Flickr


Photo: Stunning Interesting Facts

Woodlouse parasite-devouring language

Photo: Project Noah

Glass Frog

Photo: Mudfooted

Ecuadorian umbrella bird, or Ecuadorian Golovach

Photo: Flickr

The fish with a transparent head - Macropinna Microstoma

Photo: Flickr

Pike blennies

Photo: io9

horned boxfish, or fish-cow

Photo: Flickr


Photo: Flickr

Type of Chinese monkeys - golden snub-nosed monkey

Photo: Flickr

horned goat, or markhor

Photo: Flickr

Dumbo Octopus or grimpoteuthis

Photo: Aquarium of Pacific

Fish-elephant or elephant Nile

Photo: Flickr

marine predators, like whether on the harp, or on the chandelier, - sponge Chondrocladia lyra

Photo: YouTube

Grand Californian slope

Photo: Flickr

How then are they wonderful! After viewing these images and I want to agree with Socrates and confess: "I know that I know nothing." But never too late to learn! Help catch up friends - show them these alien creatures who live on earth.

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