How do the tasters spirits

The story about the intricacies of the profession from the mouth of a man who drinks tasting at distilleries.


How come the profession

Tech-tasters work mainly girls.
Boys, we do not hold.
Analysis - this is not man's work, it is thin, requires concentration
and painstaking: breed, mixed in, wait.
Men just need a result. The younger man, and the sooner it
begins to try and take up the drinks, the more likely,
that in the future it will be more accurate to distinguish tastes and smells. Of course, very early
try not necessary, but you can smell it.
I give my daughter to smell interesting nuances in wine that it is understood and
memorable. However, it is already 14.

Some people have a predisposition to the tasting.
There are special tests, which determine this: someone feels sour,
someone does not feel bitter,
someone does not feel anything. In special courses where they teach at the tasters
(universities we have, all the girls in the laboratory -
chemists or engineers), immediately check for someone to spend time is not necessary. Put a series
stopochek with salty taste,
stopochek series of sweet, sour, all flavors and odors. And do not put a spoonful of salt
there, and a few grains.
The result of the test depends on how accurately and on what you feel the glass of salt.
In the laboratory, we sometimes arrange such demonstration tests.
To study the theory of the textbooks - it is three days: from what glasses to taste like
sit, what the temperature should be in the room,
than a snack. Full description of the process does not take up much space. And the taste, smell,
aroma lifelong learning.
Only when he worked for many years with alcohol, begin to distinguish one
vodka from the other in terms of colors.

About workflow

Important tasting new drinks we assign 11 hours, not later. You already
not just breakfast, but still not hungry, no longer sleepy,
but not yet tired. At least an hour before you need to give receptor
rest: do not smoke, eat spicy food, coffee and tea.
The room should be bright and fresh, ideally light, not too bright.
We need to sit down, relax and focus.
What matters is everything - and the comfortable position and the shape of glasses. Wine - wine for
Cognac - brandy and liqueurs for,
liqueurs and vodka - tulip, elongated to concentrated flavors
in a glass.
The optimum temperature for almost any drink in the tasting - room.
Enjoying transparency,
smelled, take the language of five milliliters so that has got all the receptors.
How to drink vodka?
Cold and eating herring and cucumber, to digest well and not intoxicated.
Few people would agree, as a taster, a warm drink vodka.
And the smell of the stack, no one will. Volleys of it - once and for all.
Cognac is necessary to twist in the glass, so that it remains on the walls, it was clear its purity,
whether there opal or sediment.
After a drink or solёm brandy sniffing remaining in the glass thin
oily layer, assess its quality and flavor.
Be sure to write down all the impressions that they are not interrupted
leduyuschimi and to compare with later tastings.


We try to put a maximum of five consecutive samples of the drink. If you need more
- Take breaks to refresh the receptors.
You can rinse your mouth with water or a neutral food to eat - sausages, bread, cheese.
We have currently over the years have chosen the perfect refresher receptors - drying.
They are neutral in taste and easy to use.
Masters of Taste and up to 20 samples in a row, but it is top class.
We objectively assess their capabilities.


About Material

Engineers, researchers, developing recipes for drinks - the main
suppliers of alcohol to taste.
If they do there is something developing - just give it a try. For such
tasting going all -
first expressed most young girls, to the authority of superiors
not pressed. All write what they feel, because everyone has his perception.
When we understand that the drink is ready, the laboratory recommends it for release.
We will try to competitors, and so do all the manufacturers. You have to understand,
As we look at the market and what others are doing.
All we conduct a blind tasting. We put five vodkas, and we do not know,
in which some glass.
One of my colleague always accurately defines our vodka.

About the taste of alcohol

Alcohol, of course, not cognac, where possible and cigars, coffee and feel.
What flavor have alcohol? Spirtozny!
But all existing shades, all of which can be felt only,
can be found in alcohol - and sweetness, and bitterness,
It happens and rubber smells (so we will immediately send back to the supplier).
Fusel, for example - it's not so bad, we can fix it,
but initially work correctly with a good spirit. Now the bad
Delivery rare cases distilleries are working well,
physico-chemical composition had no problems - and the sample with sulfuric
acid and ester content and the acetaldehyde.
On the nuances we choose to separate alcohols ordinary vodkas and vodka
premium. Alcohol for vodka premium should be perfectly soft and
with a slight alcoholic odor. The vodka and alcohol purity is important. Vodka has no
the right to have nevodochny flavor.
Girls have first resist: "What? Alcohol try? What do you mean!
I do not drink vodka! Let something delicious. "
But work is work: tasty, not delicious - tasting. In the candy
try candy factory all day. To each his own.
We also sometimes think that the best chocolate.
Daily tests

We do not just tasting. Tests and chemical analyzes of,
that produced in the factory, even take longer than tasting.
Our laboratory is modern equipment, mostly
foreign, but there are also domestic appliances.
Hromografe we ​​look at the content of volatile impurities that
reagents in flasks previously determined.
Now a small sample syringe factory in hromograf, and the finished result -
as fusel oils, aldehydes much.
Densitometer measures the fortress. Still there turbedimetr (the device is not Gostovskaya) -
on it we measure the transparency of the drink.
While always looking and visually: the drink can be transparent formally,
but it will float a piece of something.
There are standards of performance for each device on each drink above
we do not miss any of their manufacture or sale.
Such fluids are unstable, we can not be responsible for their quality.
In addition, the laboratory controls everything that enters the plant - raw materials and
products at all stages of production.
If vodka and cognac, everything is clear: in the ingredients not clear, -
in wine and tinctures all different.
We harvests cranberries, currants, mountain ash, cherry, rosehips, oranges
and lemons, prepare fruit drinks.
Already on the bag, you can determine which party came berries.
We check and bottles and labels, and even film, which will then
bottle wrapped.
Further down the steps of: preparing juice - laboratory checked, blended
drink - laboratory checked, poured into containers -
Laboratory checked. Vodka premium is tested in each blend.
These drinks have special attention, but not to deprive the rest.
If the chemist says, "Oh, something I do not like the smell here," we're running
on the line.
The human factor is ineradicable, but usually there is an incorrigible marriage,
we do not pour down the drain.
Food Products - tanks with methanol and acetone, no,
correctable. We have already developed the technology over the years,
how to correct these errors. There are also blatant violations - like
make cranberry,
and made cranberry liqueur or mixed containers and cognac instead
Morse filled.

About alcoholism

People disposed to alcoholism, can not work here. It
we do not check, and life.
Yes, and we have a strict protection: ensures that all came and went
home sober.
Drink and taste - are two different things, one day, we do not drink and
the entire stack. In the morning five samples of five milliliters tried,
for another five days. There need not even swallow. Girls,
who come by car to work,
try not to taste in the afternoon, take off on
But even a single case was not to someone ppm levels
found behind the wheel.
Although, as soon as someone finds out where I am and whom I work, just say:
"Oh! Yes, you there are corporate parties, probably! »
I have more to say when celebrating birthdays we bring juice and
they clink glasses. Drink in the workplace - this is nonsense and unacceptable.
In after hours

Visiting indecent to say that no vodka. I had no cases,
when I do not like it much, but the girls were told,
they once with friends in the restaurant ordered a vodka-ordered,
and when the waiter thought that guests have come to the condition,
instead they brought a cheap way. Taster naturally, even in such
the state could not take place!
Of course, my family listens to my advice in alcohol. Although I love
More wine than vodka. Our vodka drink, but the wine - it is incomparable,
this creativity that nature has created - and then see in the aroma and in taste.
This is a separate issue tasting.
Sommeliers are taught to recognize all shades of wine, and for years, and along the banks, and
sunny days in the bottle.
We have such specific knowledge is not necessary, but it is very interesting.



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