The strangest professions (11 photos)

Some items are shocking. But somebody has to do it.

1. Nyuhatel armpits

Superhuman sense of smell can be your ticket to the world a new career. Testing odors - an important thing for many businesses, and insight into the professional world of flavors you can bring about 39 thousand dollars a year. Professional nyuhateli can smell the new perfume, fine wine or a smell of air fresheners. And if they work for a company that manufactures deodorants, perhaps they would have to sniff the armpits. 2. Cleaner portable toilets

Clean in any case necessary. Armed with a tank, the vacuum grip and nose clip, professional cleaners portable toilets suck everything that is in the dark under the toilet lid. They also clean the walls and restock toiletries in the mobile water closet. What are the advantages? The salary of 50 thousand dollars a year.

3. Taster animal feed

To do this, not necessarily to love dogs, enough love dog food. Some companies hire people for testing the taste and quality control. You must be sensitive taste and smell food, because dogs should be happy to have it, and the owners must like the smell. If your stomach cope with the digestion of such food, then you will be able to bring home about 40 thousand dollars a year.

4. Industrial diver

If the thought of diving in raw wastewater does not cause you fear and disgust, then maybe commercial diving is for you. Industrial divers have to dive into the waste water, dirty water reservoirs, oil tanks and tanks with cellulose to repair the pipe, to find lost items, or find the bodies of men. An experienced diver with a good knowledge of chemistry and biology can receive up to 150 thousand dollars a year.

5. Cleaning the crime scene

The police can tidy up the street where there was a crime, but she never cleans itself the scene. It is the job of the crime scene cleaner - clean off the rest of the blood there. They also dismantle illegal laboratories for the production of meth, processing is not for the faint hearted. So if you are ready at all times be at the center of the tragic events, you can earn $ 600 per hour.

6. Taster food poisons

Some VIP-persons, like medieval monarchs, there is a "guinea pigs" for tasting food. Everything that eats Vladimir Putin tested taster. The president of America - from Reagan to Obama have -also is tasters. American tasters at all times observe the cooking process, even when the president is away. Most of them - Secret Service agent.

7. Collector downed animals on the road

Each year, the car knocked over a half million deer. Many other downed animals can be seen on the pavement, remove them - the work of the collector. He looks at the way the presence of downed animals and burying the carcasses in a landfill or compost, depending on the existing laws in this country. According to data for 2000, collectors downed animals earn about 25 thousand dollars a year.

8. Conservative frogs

In American schools in biology class cut frogs to study their structure. Suppliers canned frogs, cats, pigeons and pigs for high school and college students. This is also a job. Most instances immediately euthanized, embalmed, and then injected into them colored latex, so that students can locate the arteries and veins.

9. False astronauts

In 2010, six people in Moscow were locked in a makeshift spaceship to 490 days. The goal - to find out whether traveled far into outer space, such as to Mars, and do not go crazy. They spent 250 days, closed in "missiles", 30 days considered the model of the Martian landscape, and even 240 days, "flew" back. That's 520 days of solitude. Of course, they are not gone mad, but participants experiment definitely become more closed.

10. A farmer who divorces for deer urine

Urine is rich in deer pheromones that stimulant effect on the male, which makes it a favorite lure hunters. Some breeders collect and sell purified urine millions of white-tailed deer hunting, and make a lot of money on this. According to the magazine «Bloomberg Businessweek» only one deer can produce urine in the amount of from 93 to 303 thousand dollars a year.

11. Professional patient

For 15 dollars an hour your prostate can be re-examined a lot novice doctors. Medical schools are hiring "patients" to help future physicians to temper his bedside manner. For change from such a patient may be at 17 medical examinations, or even more, if you want to increase earnings. Thus, such "patients first" help educate the next generation of doctors.


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