Photos that blew up the Internet (13 photos)

Photos that Shook the worldwide network at different times.

Shark pursuing kayak

In September 2005, Africa Geographic magazine published pictures of great white sharks off the coast of South Africa. Among them was this one, where the 4-meter predator pursuing kayak.

Pink Dolphin

In June 2004, the network has pictures of pink bottlenose dolphin - Dolphin albino, swimming along the lake in Louisiana. The pictures were taken by Captain Eric Roux.

Python, pulled out of the water kangaroos

This unique image was shown in 2005 in a news release on ABC North Queensland (Australia). Large Olive python tried to pull out of the water kangaroo carcass. This image was surrounded by a lot of rumors, among whom were such that it was not a kangaroo, and the most common cow.

Trees after the accident

Forest after the accident at the aluminum plant in Hungary, reveals a distinct trace amount of red sludge.

Aircraft on approach to the WTC

Terrorist Act September 11, 2001 (often referred to simply as 9/11) - a series of coordinated suicide terrorist attacks that occurred in the United States. According to the official responsible for these attacks lies on the Islamic terrorist organization "Al-Qaeda».

Alligator with mouth deer

In 2004, the network has a photo alligator floating on the lake Cross in Louisiana with the carcass of a deer in its mouth. This picture shocked many fans of fishing and relaxing on the lake. In fact, everything was much easier. As the representative of the US fisheries, photo was taken in south Georgia one of the employees.

Fire in the Bitterroot National Park

2000 was the year for US catastrophic fires. August 6, 2000 appeared several fires in the Bitterroot National Park, fire analyst John MakKolgan scene depicted in the photo, a few deer watching the fire.

Black deer

Photos rare black deer got into the network in 2010. I take a picture photographer Richard beech, near Austin, Texas.

Multicolored twin

In February 2006, a series of British newspaper told its readers the story of two twins who are lucky enough to be born different races. Their parents are also of different races, but such cases are extremely rare. According to the Daily Mail, the chances of such an event are 1 in a million.

Friendly whale

In 2009, the photographer Marco Kerala made incredible shots of the female humpback during one of his dives in the South Pacific. This is one of the most famous photos taken by Marco. He successfully captured the moment as one of his assistants successfully "talked" with a huge whale.

A huge wave coming

The wave of the tsunami in Japan approached the shore

Goats on the dam

In September 2010, the Internet has emerged a series of images where a herd of bighorn sheep climbs the steep wall of the dam Buffapo Bill, located in Wyoming. After much debate, it was found that in such an original way the animals were trying to extract salt from the rocks.

All online community stirred up this photo. The author claims that the tree was struck by lightning and from the opal bark and branches.


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