Fragile girl

Masha, slim slim girl, I would even say fragile. Masha has a car - Suzuki Swift, she loved him very much. And Mary lives in a rented apartment on the 17th floor. And, behold, every morning Maria leaves the house with a five-liter bottle of water and goes into the car. In the evening, this is the five-liter bottle of water home. Did you think it is an empty bottle in the evening? Nope. Full. And so every day - in the morning from the apartment makes 5 gallons of water, puts evening. Neighbors motorists already looking towards askance at her. Weird, right?
But it turned out very simple! Simply Maria, remember, is very fragile and thin, and weighs only 48 pounds. And the freight elevator carries ITS NOT !!! It is targeted at a weight greater than 50 pounds and therefore Masha have every day to bring the five-liter bottle of water, because she does not know what will come in the elevator this time - passenger or cargo


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