Wedding ceremonies from around the world

Wedding - is not only bright, great, unforgettable experience, but also an ancient ritual. But things change, and time makes its additions. And what colors and nuances presented the traditional marriage of modernity?

USA, California. Dave and Dylan issued a legal marriage on the first day gay marriage in California. (UPI Photo / Earl S.Cryer)

Wedding in Iran. Golestan Province. The girl rings the bell, while the bride and groom make traditional wedding walk. (UPI Photo / Mohammad Kheirkhah)

China. Beijing. Chinese couple dressed according to Western wedding traditions are taken against the backdrop of the Forbidden City. As found out the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, at the moment in the country there is a serious imbalance. Scientists say that in 2020 men in China will be much more than women. Such a situation would lead to the fact that one out of five men of marriageable age will holostyakami.UPI / Stephen Shaver


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