How to get married around the world

Wedding ceremonies in each country has its own, and each of them can tell a lot about the country and its people. In Bulgaria, despite the many years of the communist system, intolerant religion, Muslims hold bright winter wedding ceremony. In India, Jordan, Japan and China, some wedding - mass to protect newlyweds from poor families from unnecessary spending. Some ceremony is truly extreme, while others are full of traditions, despite years of eradication. And while some are fighting for the right to marry, while others get it after several years of fighting.

1. Bulgarian Muslim bride from the Pomak ethnic group prepared for the wedding ceremony in the village Draginovo. (Nikolay Doychinov - AFP / Getty Images)

2. The 24-year-old Afghan bride Zahara is preparing for the wedding ceremony surrounded by female half of both families in a local beauty parlor in Bamiyan. (Paula Bronstein - AFP / Getty Images)

3. The tallest man in the world, Mr Bao with his bride Xia Shudzyan (in red) in the traditional Mongolian wedding ceremony on the outskirts of the city of Erdos, Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region, China. (Guang Niu - AFP / Getty Images)

4. Chinese plate shows the "I agree" during the marriage proposal to his girlfriend under water in an aquarium Hefeya. (STR / China Out - AFP / Getty Images)


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