Animals and humans in war

In the history of wars animals have always fought alongside men. Here are just some of them.

German soldiers posing with a horse. At the beginning of World War II in the German army were horse divisions. In war horses were used for reconnaissance and delivery of ammunition and provisions. (AP)

Kinolog Marine Solomon Islands calms his German shepherd, to make an X-ray after a four-legged soldier shot a Japanese sniper. Unfortunately, the dog died later from his injuries. (AP)

American sailor photographed with a monkey in Bermuda during the Second World War. (AP)

The horse is prepared for battle. These animals are often used to transport provisions. (AP)

American soldiers and the local kids ride on an elephant in Burma during World War II. Military often met exotic animals, such as monkeys, camels and elephants. (AP)

Soldiers took refuge in the trenches with his four-legged friend Doberman. In war, animals and humans are particularly close. (AP)


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