Exercises for the chest.

"East" - the exercise, allowing to tone and increase the chest muscles. Sit on a chair with a back or stand up against the wall. It is important that the spin was pressed against a flat surface, otherwise the load will receive the back muscles, rather than the breasts. To connect palms before the chest and push them firmly to the chest muscles tightened enough. Count to 10 and push the palm of approximately 5 cm forward, again, count to 10, still ahead and re-count to 10, while continuing to exercise until it is possible to keep the palms together. Then opened his hand, shake a little hands and perform 2nd approach. Performing exercises for breast augmentation, and follow it, focus attention on the pectoral muscles, they should be as tense.
"The Wall" - a great exercise for the home environment. Stand in the doorway, hands rest against the jamb. Push forward, as if trying to move the wall with space for a minute, then a little bend in the aperture to increase the pressure on the chest, push another minute. Strain to be struggling, then the chest muscles get a real burden.

"Wall-2" - essentially the same exercise, but need not stand in the doorway, and the wall and push palms on the wall. To take such a position, both men ejector jammed the car should not be because load the back. You have to stand straight, then it will involve the pectoral muscles. Perform 3 sets, each for 2 min.

"Skier". Take a dumbbell or a book in hand and repeat the motion, simulating the repulsion simultaneously by two ski poles. Keep your back straight. Slowly, from the hip without jerked elongated dumbbell hands up to about chest level, 2 seconds to fix, and then slowly lower (non-throwing). 6 reps for 3 sets.

"Push-ups". This is the most effective exercise for breast augmentation, it serves as an indicator of the tone of the pectoral muscles. Push-ups should be 20 times at the same time. For beginners the first two weeks is allowed to perform 20 push-ups for all the classes, regardless of the number of approaches. Then the total number of push-ups remain the same, while the number of approaches to gradually reduce.

"Push-ups from the chair." Stand back to the chair, stretch it arms outstretched leg at an angle of 45 degrees. Lower the body down, bending your arms and return to starting position. Repeat 6 times, do three sets.

"Bench". Lie on the floor, hands on the breast, in the hands - dumbbells. Strain the chest and raise the dumbbells up (exactly), and immediately lower the lift again. Raise the dumbbells 8 times, do 3 sets.


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