Computer villains in the movies (12 photos)

Conspiracy machines riot equipment, computers revolt, war with robots - quite often these ideas lay the basis for a science fiction movie. We represent your attention a small selection of Hollywood movies, in which the main villain appears not people.


2001: A Space Odyssey, 1968.

In this cult film by Stanley Kubrick's HAL 9000 during the flight to Jupiter manages to kill all but one astronaut. The only survivor was able to do away with the paranoid computer.

Wild West, 1973.

In this sci-fi thriller, director and screenwriter who made Michael Crichton, describes the robotic theme parks. His visitors pay $ 1,000 for rides with androids, but things go awry. It all begins when the central computer gets a virus, which leads to the fact that the robots start killing the visitors.

Logan, 1976.

In the 23rd century, the overpopulation of the planet has become such a problem that no one is allowed to live longer than 30 years. Logan 5, played by Michael York, entrusted to take control of population growth into their own hands and find a "refuge" "those who are over 30" in order to destroy.

The Devil's Seed, 1977.

In this film in artificial intelligence appeared biological clock is ticking and they are! Proteus IV is so obsessed with "successor", he captures Susan, played by Julie Christie, and fertilizes it.


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