Massage apples for beautiful skin.

Few people know that apples can be an effective tool for a great spa massage that the most favorable effect on the skin condition.
Indeed, if eating apples "inside" allows you to improve the production of collagen, so essential to our skin, why not use these fruits for the "external" application? Of course, can and should be!
First, you need to buy the fruits: they must be ripe, juicy, firm and environmentally friendly.

Immediately before use, the apple should be cut in half and slightly warm (so they better give their juice).

Half an apple gently rubbing the body, and when the fruit loses its juiciness, replaces the half on a new one. Thus, for a massage need 5-6 fruits.

After the procedure, the body is washed with warm water and lubricate the skin moisturizer. To maintain the "external" effect can be taken "inside" the cup of apple Frechet.

Apple juice is absorbed into the skin, saturate it with vitamins B-group vitamin C, iron, which improves skin elasticity, and peptides that are contained in the pulp of apples, stimulate skin cleansing of toxins, thereby contributing to the fight against cellulite.


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