Victim corporate party.

New Year inexorably approaching, all corporate, you know what followed.
And in one of the friendly team after the event, there is one staff member with a pretty ottyuningovat front of the head. That is, the number and location of bands on the face is a bit like bar-code product. Moreover, several items at once.
On the funny antics of the origin of the painting for a long time sullenly silent. But would hide the truth in the team?
It turns out, arrived home after the celebration, and staying a few relaxed state, he decided to take a walk around the apartment. Because the apartment was quite warm + internal degrees warmed up, exercise occurred in underwear.
Innocent defiles the wife of the victim just been interrupted by the most brutal manner. As it turned out, were the innocent victims of women's panties.
When the office people slightly recovered his breath from the first attack, I was asked a reasonable question:
 - Yurchik, how did you so lohanulsya? They're a little different?
And his answer Yurchik sent supporters in the knockout final:
 - The one who knows ... dark ... ... drunk in her pale blue, pale blue at me ...


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