On the run

Yesterday learned that last year 4,346,217 married man ... I do not want to create a problem, but pomoymu there should be an even number !?))

My husband of 40 years, and in the "Classmates" his classmates 25-30 ... God, how hard it was given to Study!

A country with such vehicles as our simply not forbidden to laugh at Chinese goods!

The early bird catches the ... all the furious, slamming doors, loud thundering kettle and walks.

In German, "tries" means the direction of movement.
The Russian language is the same, but more specifically ...

Our super diet: if you want to eat - eat an apple. Do you want an apple - you do not want to eat.

The boy, who raised sheep, successfully adapted to today's society.

After a corporate paintball Head are easily recognizable by the fact that it has not only the traces of paint, but also from the butts

Somewhere between St. Petersburg and Moscow is a place where the curb is becoming a border.


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