Fire worshipers

The glorious Soviet Army. In one part of the preparation for the arrival of an important committee. It is clear - a show, with, of course, something should definitely paint.
The officer sent to the warehouse of one of the soldiers check - how much and what kind of paint to stay there. And stomping soldier from one of the solar republic is the most check availability. Well, turn on the lights in the warehouse and then to make the rest is not too difficult operations - that's too easy. No! We go with matches. Barrels dvuhsotlitrovye. They, of course, is there condensation. But this train physics to know at least a little bit right. Remove the cap. Light a match ...
In general, this code Hurvínek without eyelashes and eyebrows, and sheep curls in place dembelskogo forelock emerged from the gates of the warehouse, with people almost became hysterical. But that was not all. The officer, barely breathing, asks: "Well, why?". And the son of the glorious mountain scores the final nail, "Green».
The attack did take place.


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