I'm homeless

At night they sleep on those benches on which we rest in the afternoon, eat what we nedoeli and wears something that we will never put on. They are much closer to us than it might seem. And we have much more in common than we think

Juma, 43, a former soldier, 5 years on the street: "Last time I was in Africa. Before that was in Afghanistan, Nagorno-Karabakh, Chechnya ... In Somalia I trained 20 militants, I'm a former sniper ... »

 - In 1996, the family gave me two thousand dollars and put out of the house. At first I rented an apartment, but already 5 years living on the streets

 - The dream I have one - that my former soldiers who were killed, did not come to me in a dream ...

Suhrab, 28 years old, a former pupil of children's home: "I was the last year living on the street, before that spent eight years in a mental hospital. There's my grandfather was sitting, he Minister of Health, Zhaksylyk Doskaliyev. I was made to me to him in a nursing home and then took me go. I actually did not need compulsory treatment, I was illegally sent there »


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