Be merciful

Your vigilance can become someone's last hope for salvation.

It all started on Sunday. We drove up in a car to the entrance, were returning from the village, and our entrance is sitting on a bench some homeless, dirty dressed in some coat all back almost in moss or web, face scratched, sitting - smokes. And here we mean with bags, with the child, even as a dumb ... So far removed bags out of the car, finished his bum, and holding hands on the bench, apparently - a sore back, crawled up the urn to throw bull! Here I have somehow different, even with respect to that person looked that may not homeless at all ... but something happened, thin face, you can see the old man is not swollen calf with dates ... but when came home, somehow forgotten, a few hours out on the street, the man was gone. In the morning, at the beginning of the 8th, we took my daughter to the children. garden, and the man sitting next to a nearby shop ... I had to work, worried about what to do, call 02 or something. And if a homeless person. I once so called, took a peasant, and a day later he was again in the same bushes slept ... whether ... Written classified in the group in contact with the advertisement Pikalevsky where I'm an admin, screenshots below, with the question - What are they doing something ?? People advised to go to the district, with 3 attempts to get through to the district - but it was a holiday, say - call 02 ... and I did not call ... Then at night looked into the network, and there is, in general, see. Screens. Now, not anymore truhovat, immediately call 02! Well that all ended well, but could before!
In general, people! Be vigilant !!! Our attention or indifference depend the lives and destinies of those around us, and not only! Do not pass by, call 02, do not leave the person in trouble! I still feel ashamed that this old man roared all night at the store!

continuation of the comments to the group Temko:

Well, in general here) thanks for vigilance) unexpected message, but very happy, I read it at 3 am and then it was not long before sleep ... why I did not call ???


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