He missed and received flasher!

"Holders" flashers "in Moscow, apparently, decided to fight for their right to pass freely on the roads of the capital. According to the "Russian news service" November 24, security of the convoy (a - is not yet known) attacked on the Ring Road to the driver, who has not missed a car with a "flasher».

According to the victim Alexei Smirnov, he moved on his white Lexus IS250 on the outside of the Moscow Ring Road in the left lane in the area of ​​the Kiev highway, when he caught up with the black BMW 7 Series with the included rotating beacon. "According to the SDA, I had to miss a car with spetssignalami, but only, if it were possible to be reconstructed in the right lane. But there was a dense stream, and I could not cut them ", - says Alexei Smirnov. - "I did not take risks and not reconstructed».

After that BMW with the car maintenance (Toyota Land Cruiser) ahead of Alexei Smirnov in the right lane. But then the SUV again went to the extreme left-hand lane and braked sharply, trying to provoke an accident. Of the three men jumped out of the car a strong constitution. One of them managed to break the side window and wanted to get through the driver on the street (the glasses were broken in an expensive frame). The second guard leg broken headlamp.

broken window

all interior peppered by shrapnel

From further beatings driver rescued by other road users. They jumped out of their cars, they began to shout. According to witnesses, the young men out of the car Toyota Land Cruiser A328AA license plate 177, and the number of the BMW 7-Series is as follows: A997RU 199. »

broken headlight (internal damage and then began to get wet and had to be replaced)


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