1) natural and ability to be themselves. It is important to be sincere with yourself and others, appear as you want at the moment, in a second. Do not prevaricate.

2) well maintained. This concept should put a whole range of components: it is well-groomed hands and face, hair, body. Full image of a woman who delights created from trifles.
3) Style. Professional stylists give universal advice: if you want to look well-groomed - stop to save on fashionable hairstyle, good makeup and manicure neat!

4) Health. You know perfectly well that the men do not like women who drink and smoke. Take care of your health and lead a healthy lifestyle - will live longer

5) Voice. You know that people remember 60% of the information through the visual channel (visually) and 30% through the auditory channel (by ear). So, it is a pleasant voice can play in your favor a huge role.

6) Behavior. What behavior in feminine women? It is worthy. "Ladies do not need to talk about it lady." Lady does not bear on his heels, headlong, she slowly floats, she beautiful posture, she knows how to behave in society.

7) Talk with other women. For women tend to share experiences, thoughts, and do not need to girlfriend gave advice, is important for us that we can just talk. When we spoken out problem - come to us solutions.

8) The procedure in all. If you have a certain area of ​​life chaos, I recommend to restore order in his apartment or house. When you're doing spring cleaning, all the thoughts in your head systematized and laid out on the shelves, whether it is work or family relationships.

9) Priorities. Prioritize what is important to you: family or work. Based on this, you'll be able to clearly understand your plan of action.

10) Uniqueness. Always in our life there is a comparison: someone better, someone younger, someone prettier, someone successfully, someone longer legs and chest more. This situation will never change. There will always be someone who will earn more, who will be younger. But it is important to realize that you are, who you are, you - unique! Do not compare yourself with anyone.

11) Spirituality. It is important that a woman engaged in their inner world. To make it an internal sense of purity and tranquility. How can this be achieved? This prayer, a practice that helps to release a variety of insults, filled with love and receive grace. This gives a serious cleansing, and opportunities.

12) Wisdom in dealing with men. A woman's life is inextricably linked to communication with men is the father, husband, son, brother, colleague. If you're married, I recommend you to trust her husband and take him with all my heart. Trust him to make important decisions in the family. Be faithful to his wife on the physical, mental and spiritual level.


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