Don'ts feminine natures:

1.Sledite to ensure that your hands do not make any sudden movements or rough, and not to imitate men in gestures.
2.Sledite to ensure that your gait was not heavy, and do not make long steps.
3.Sledite to ensure that your voice was not loud, firm, business, confident or too monotonous. Do not mumble or speak on one note.
4. Do not laugh too loud, do not vulgar manners in the expression of joy.
5. Do not allow facial expressions, which can suggest feelings such as anger, resentment, bitterness, disgust or stubbornness.
6. Do not engage in conversations in which any abusive, bitterness, criticism, intolerance, irresponsibility, vulgarity or ill.
7.Not pick your nose, not cheshites not blow your nose in public (you can wipe your nose).
8.Do not ironed her husband's back in front of strangers, not ironed his head and caressed him.
9. Do not have a habit of clapping people on the back.

10. Do not talk loudly, no whistle and yell.
11.Do not be loud laugh at the jokes.
12.Nelzya swallow food or eating sloppy with the champ.
13.Do not throw back his head, when you drink.
14.Do not sit with her legs spread.


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