Advertising and souvenir products: types of goods, manufacturing methods, efficiency

Promotional and souvenir products are one of the most effective ways to promote a company to a leading position in the field of activity. The production of such products with a brand name and distribution among potential consumers makes the brand recognizable, informs about the status of the enterprise. The products of the image company "Prioritet" are diverse and unique. Advertising applied to products works constantly.

Varieties of advertising and souvenir products
In the field of informing about the company, products, loyalty formation, the following types of products are produced:
  • office;
  • household;
  • everyday;
  • original;
  • one-time;
  • personal.

The list is incomplete and includes other types of products. On the eve of holidays, significant dates, promotional and souvenir merch will delight employees and customers.

Image corporate gifts for the New Year with a logo will become a sign of attention, respect for the company's employees. This is a great way to strengthen communication. Demonstration of interest in continuing cooperation.

Manufacturing methods
Advertising and souvenir merch is produced from finished goods or made to order. Production bases make it possible to carry out gifts, goods in corporate colors. This popularizes the brand, increases its recognition. In the production of souvenirs, the following manufacturing technologies are used:
  • laser, milling processing;
  • various types of printing on surfaces;
  • laser engraving;
  • drawing drawings by embossing;
  • polygraphy;
  • individual tailoring;
  • polymer coloring;
  • artistic welding.

There are other technologies for the manufacture of promotional souvenirs. Product orders can be non-standard, exclusive. Such products require individual design, production.

Advantages of image goods
Advertising products must work. Souvenirs are aimed at a specific audience, the public and the logo on it will inform about the brand widely and for a long time. The main advantages of souvenir products are as follows:
  • a practical souvenir will affect the audience for a long period of time;
  • the cost of one product in a large batch of goods is less than with traditional advertising;
  • a bright, memorable image has a positive effect on the target audience;
  • unusual, functional attracts the attention of buyers.

Any item can become an advertising souvenir. The image company offers an extensive range of products in the catalog. Customers will be able to order products in small, large wholesale. Business souvenirs are often used by enterprises and organizations for exhibitions. Distributed with sold products to popularize the brand, expand the customer base.


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