Strong as steel and transparent as glass: polycarbonate greenhouses and their advantages

Modular greenhouses to buy in Ivano-Frankivsk are offered by the Sotex Trade online store. There is an opportunity to order ready-made products that can be simply installed and used for a long time.

Greenhouses assembled from polycarbonate modules are as durable as steel plates. But at the same time, they perfectly transmit light for plant growth and retain heat. Easy to build and efficient to use, polycarbonate greenhouses are a very interesting and effective solution for both large greenhouses and small farms. The online store of the Sotex Trade company offers to buy such modular greenhouses in Ivano-Frankivsk. There is an opportunity to order ready-made products that can be simply installed and used for a long time.

The Sotextrade company offers a high-quality solution for private and commercial farms working with the cultivation of seedlings and other tasks in agrarian business.

Reliability and economy

Investing in the purchase of polycarbonate greenhouses is very profitable. After all, they are easy and convenient to use. But they do not need annual repair or renewal. For example, glass greenhouses require repair and installation of broken glass fragments. And greenhouses made of polyethylene film are completely replaceable without the need to purchase new meters of roll film every year.

Complete replacement or the need to repair is a waste of both money and precious time, when you need to urgently plant plants and take good care of them. Therefore, it is profitable to use polycarbonate greenhouses in view of the optimal use of the time required for the work of farmers.

Additional advantages of such greenhouses: strength, reliability, durability and more

In addition to low wear and tear, such modular greenhouses have other important user advantages:
  • high transparency, which is equal to the transparency of good glass - this increases the thermal heating of the area and contributes to the penetration of ultraviolet rays, which are important for the normal growth of plants;
  • good resistance to the destructive action of UV rays due to the features of the film design;
  • versatility of application - such films can have both a significant height of the structure and a small one, that is, it can be used both for cultivated and for preparatory areas for planting, where soil treatment is not required;
  • mobility - such modular greenhouse sections can be used both in one place and after simple dismantling - in another, where seedlings need to be planted and protected from cold and other adverse conditions;
  • creation of a high-quality microclimate for plants - the film has high strength and does not have cuts, including inconspicuous ones, as in polyethylene greenhouses.

When buying such a film made of high-quality and durable polymer material, you can choose different options, choosing the optimal option in terms of price and quality - different thickness, structure (smooth or corrugated), level of transparency, availability of color. There are also different indicators of impact resistance and other parameters.

Buying modular greenhouses is a profitable solution, even if you have a small budget and the need to quickly and reliably protect plants during the time of obtaining the first seedlings and starting their development.


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