Wave Arizona

Wave - a rock formation sandstone located in the United States near the border of Arizona and Utah, on the slopes of the canyon Coyote Buttes, which is located in the mountainous desert of Paria Canyon-Vermilion on the Colorado Plateau. This place is known among tourists and photographers for its colorful waveforms. But you can only get there by foot.

Waves formed Navajo sandstone from the Jurassic period, which is about 190 million years ago.

Scientists who have studied education, argue that over the centuries old fossilized sand dunes turned into a rock due to the concentrated accumulation of calcium in the vertical and horizontal layers.

Erosion from wind and rain created a spectacular landscape that we now see in the pictures.

Created from soft sandstone, wave quite fragile, so here it is necessary to walk carefully so as not to destroy the small ridged growths.


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