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01. Recently, my work has brought to Hawaii, and I decided to use your spare time to visit Pearl Harbor. Here are some of my photos (and a couple of attendants) with monuments battleships USS Arizona and USS Oklahoma. Ha these two ships for a total of more than 1,500 people were killed in the "day of infamy".
I will not bore retelling stories treacherous Japanese attack on the US fleet. Suffice it to say that the Americans were counting on all but the massive bombing and brutally paid for it. In Pearl Harbor came to an end a century of mighty battleships, aircraft carriers superseded era.
USS Arizona, USS Oklahoma and Pennsylvania sister's class seemed, to look at, invulnerable floating fortresses.

That's how Arizona looked on the march in 1931 (photo from

02. On the morning of December 7 aircraft with Japanese carriers attacked the airfields on the island of Oahu and the ships at anchor in the harbor of Pearl Harbor. Hardest hit Arizona: pyro cartridge bomb set fire to the ship's catapult, and they, in turn, undermined the ammunition depot. The explosion shattered the hull, and glowing Arizona fell to the bottom, killing 1,177 sailors. Shortly thereafter turned torpedoed Oklahoma, which killed 429 people.
In 1962, on the backbone of Arizona was built gallery of remembrance. Every hour boat departs from the shore, which transports visitors to the gallery. That's how it looks from the air (photo with

03. Morning colors gentle light on the horizon ... - USS Missouri, one of the last battleships. On Oahu it on eternal parking. "Mighty Mo" is famous for being on board it had signed an agreement on the surrender of Japan.

04. Also on the coast - a monument to submariners who died in the Second Mirovuyu.

05. stump of the mast, was attached to kotoromu gallery.

06. The upper deck of Arizona, overgrown with corals.

07. The base of one of the guns of small caliber.

08. "In memory of the brave sailors who are deceased, and their comrades who gave their lives aboard the USS Arizona on December 7 1941."

09. Tomb of sailors who survived Pearl Harbor, and wished to be buried with his comrades.

10. The base turret of the main fire. Pier was built in 60x.

11. Visitors petals thrown into the water. I tossed and ...

12. At the time of flooding, tanks battleship was almost two million liters of fuel. Drop by drop, it seeps to the surface - dead Arizona quietly cries for her dead team ...

13. It is said that the air bubbles and "black tears" will be visible until until he dies last survivor of the ship's crew.

14. The air should smell of fuel oil and oil stains floating on the water - but despite this, tropical fish swim in packs, and even the "non-polluting" and "politically correct" Americans are not raised a hand to change something.

15. View from the gallery on the island of Oahu. Longest bridge leads to the base of the US Navy, which still operates aktivno.

16. "Tombstone" Arizona

17. "Tombstone" USS Vestal, a repair ship that sank near.

18. "Tombstone" battleship USS Nevada. In contrast From USS Arizona and USS Oklahoma, USS Nevada was restored and returned to service.

19. Relatively modest monument USS Oklahoma. Each of the pegs is the name of the sailors who died aboard the battleship. The ship itself was raised, disarmed and sold for scrap - but proud battleship did not want to end up being sawn on the metal. During towing rose storm, and Oklahoma broke tow lines, the second having gone to the bottom ...

20. In place of death of Oklahoma now moored "Mighty Mo".

21. USS Missouri - truly one of the "last of the Mohicans." The last time he fought in the Persian Gulf in 1991.

22. Near the coast of Oahu moored diesel submarine USS Bowfin.

23. USS Bowfin is the nickname of "The Avenger of Pearl Harbor." But about it - another time ... And yet - everything!



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