The surrender of Japan (9 photos)

The bustle these days miss an important date - September 2, Japan's surrender ended World War II.
Several color photographs recreate the infamous picture of the end of one of the largest and most mysterious military adventures in the history of mankind. In 1941, the military-industrial potential of the United States surpassed Japan many times. Plus, the military resources of China, England, Australia, India, and even a dozen countries in the British Empire. On what counted samurai? What guarantees received before attacking Pearl Harbor?
Monumental picture: The Japanese capitulate to sign China:

Perhaps it was particularly humiliating for the command of the Imperial Army: the Chinese never lost a battle for all 8 years of war.
Much better known footage of surrender aboard the "Missouri" September 2, 1945 g .:

General MacArthur signs the act of surrender:

Japan's surrender in the same place and took the Soviet representatives:

Land of the Rising Sun remain the ruins of countless factories and cities, mountains more worthless weapons.
Japanese aircraft carrier "Amagi»:

Mini-submarine shipyard in Kure:

Fighters "Hayate" and "Hayabusa»:

Ruins plant in Otake:

Americans souvenir:


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