Pearl Harbor - Naval Base US

Pearl Harbor - a naval base in the US Central Pacific on about. Oahu, where the main forces of the US Pacific Fleet. Attack Dec. 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor, Japan launched its war in the Pacific. Fighting in the area of ​​Pearl Harbor were an integral part of the Hawaiian operations of Japanese naval forces (Operation Pearl Harbor - Aleutian Islands).

The idea of ​​this operation is to secretly go and cause sudden massive air strikes Aviation Association on American ships, aircraft and shore facilities at Pearl Harbor. Along with the air operations planned to use three midget submarines delivered to the area of ​​fighting submarines - the uterus. They received the task to penetrate into the bay Pearl Harbor on the night before air strikes and attack with torpedoes battleships. For distracting blow two destroyers from the aircraft carrier connection task was to fire at an air base on. Midway.


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