Côte giant brings good luck

In Rivne lives giant cat. It weighs about 18 pounds.

"My cat Charlick - unusual. He not only weighs about 18 pounds, but also to bring good luck. If he scratch his back, then success will not get you, "- said the landlady cat Irina Oleshuk.

Charlick 6 years. He Persian breed. Lives in a house with people. The animal does not capriciously in food, but eat a lot more than normal cats.

"In our family, he wakes up first and asks for a walk. Then waits around the refrigerator. Eats everything. His favorite treats - a chicken head, jacket potatoes, boiled corn and bacon ", - said Irina.

Despite the weight, willingly played cat and mouse hunts. He also knows how to cast a vote for the team.

"It is soft. His safely pull the tail from under the bed, and Charlick though henna! Never scratched me! Offended if it will not get on your hands ", - explained rivnyanka.

Charlick in childhood did not differ from cats-yearlings. Weight gain started with three years of age.

"What are predetermined such changes in his body and mind have not. No he did not give premixes. Any operations not to do, "- said Irina.

Friends often come to Irina Charlick before important things that attracted the luck. Mistress of money for it does not ask.

Almost exactly a year ago in another cat died heavyweight. 11-year-old Timothy weighed more than 18 kg.


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