Medvedev visited the Kiev railway station

Yesterday, President Dmitry Medvedev unexpectedly visited the capital Kiev railway station. I do not know if he had to fight back from the sellers of roses, but, judging by the reaction, it pleased them, not all. Especially security.

A day later, I decided to check how it is with the security at the station today. As it turned out, the measures were adopted. Installed a metal detector, police and attentive staff of the station security inspect things passengers.

If the input is in the storage room or waiting room is, in general, is not a problem: the passenger traffic there is relatively small, the frame at the entrance to the ticket office immediately created a serious turn. Indeed, imagine - you're in a hurry for a train ticket barely have time to buy, and here begins: "Put the bag here, all metal pull out of the pockets, and what you have here and there"?

Irritation many customers Railways can understand. While not very clear, like checking things at the entrance to a relatively small ticket hall can solve a potential terrorist threat: a memory pops explosion at the entrance to the festival "Wings" in Tushino - were there too and frames, and careful monitoring, which failed to prevent the tragedy , suicide bombers blew themselves up in a queue at the entrance.

Yes, and it is clear that vigilance decreases with time: you can not always be on the alert. So, understanding the need for action, it is difficult to avoid the impression that we are dealing with another polemic in response to the overbearing shout, which eventually will come to naught. God grant that it was not so.


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