Energy singles: 7 signs that you have it

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Psychologists believe that in modern humans there are two major needs in communication and in privacy. It would seem that these two needs can be combined, but not so simple. As practice shows, one of the needs always prevails. It is likely that you could get the need for privacy. It is also called the energy of the single. Of course, it has its pros and cons but also enough. To live in harmony with yourself with such "diagnosis" is possible, but only if to understand his own nature and to be able to conduct a dialogue. Even if everybody says: "Poor, well you sit at home, went(a) dissipated(eh)", you need to be able to defend their choice. The important thing is that you are comfortable.

So, how to understand that you are a loner?

YOU are making PLANS FOR Vyhodnaya to believe that the weekend needs a plan. The trip to the club, outings, dinner with friends, shopping for someone this is a mandatory program for the weekend. Probably many of the planning it even more fun. But there are those who quickly tired of the noise and crowded gatherings, and, admittedly, this is quite normal. It is not necessary to participate in the "hangout" if they don't like. Admit your ideal weekend night is silence, delicious tea and favorite book. And here is the list of the best books in 2019, which will be useful to you.


In SOCIAL NETWORKS YOU Nablyudatelei two types of users in social networks are active commentators and ordinary observers. If you do not understand the desire of some users to show each step, then you probably belong to the second type. As a rule, the watchers have your full account with photographs and subscriptions, but such users are much more likely to view its news foreign news than publish its own. In addition, they almost never leave comments under the posts of friends and not even always liked. Just watch!

YOU LIKE to PLAY Iridaceae that computer and gambling mostly like introverts. According to experts on gambling, energy single have almost all players. If you frequently dabble in slots or playing computer games, we can assume that you are a loner. However, if it gives you pleasure and does not harm others, then there is nothing wrong with that. "But be careful and don't play for large sums", — experts recommend.


SOLO TRAVELLER? EASY!You will be surprised, but for many, the journey alone is something unthinkable. To go to an unfamiliar city without company? How is this possible? It's boring and uncomfortable. And scary, in the end. However, if you have the energy alone, it seems to you so terrible. Are you ready to spend hours wandering through the unfamiliar streets, you are afraid of getting lost, and with the guides and navigators you "you". How to travel alone, please click here.


It is BETTER to WRITE THAN Pozvonite to order food with home delivery or make an appointment to see the doctor, you will probably do it online, rather than will call. No, you are not afraid to talk, just message is simply more convenient. Moreover, you are not really happy when they call you. "Well who else is there?", often you think when you hear an incoming call. Singles live online. Indeed, in the age of information technology much easier to communicate in a virtual network. This saves time and makes you get out of your comfort zone.

PREFER to MEET IN setiu each has its own history Dating to the second half. Someone to meet at the wedding, someone in a cafe, and anyone who does is faced with a stranger on the street and sees no reason not to allow the thought that this could be fate. There are those who do not accept Dating live. Such people usually prefer to meet the opposite sex online. You will spend weeks texting until the morning, to get used to each other and finally meet, when he was in absentia in love. If you are one of them, then we tell you.

Don'T YOU FEEL Odinochestvo not alone. You definitely are not one of those who believes that the absence of a turbulent personal life — is a chance to put on a cross. In fact, you can be in the epicenter of events and fun when you want, but it's not necessary. You feel comfortable and alone. Of course, sometimes you lit the way did not even exist, but tomorrow you need to recharge. I bet you are not in a committed relationship, but, most interestingly, the energetics of singles gives you a magnetic appeal — you are popular with the opposite sex. However, you do not obsess, because you are sure that the man will certainly find. Why don't you and so good!


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