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Over the past few years the slow cooker has become for many Housewives indispensable kitchen appliance. A compact unit is very simple and easy to use. And food cooked this way retains all the useful minerals. Unfortunately, this is not true of dishes, which are cooked on conventional gas or electric stove. Any kitchen appliance during active service may go with the system. If your favorite slow cooker does not turn on, refer to "tekhservis Vinnitsa." Or call the wizard by filling out the online application form.

Breakdowns, which are more common seropreva and the most common breakdown is a kitchen appliance stops included. The reasons may be several:
  • problems with the power cord;
  • the fault of the electronics;
  • malfunction of the power supply.

If multicookings to use not carefully, it is possible to break the latch on the lid. Then the device stops closing and, accordingly, to cook. Here, only the master will be able to understand whether the latch is repaired or need to buy a new cover and put a replacement.

With prolonged use, a slow cooker on its internal surfaces can accumulate fat. It clogs the valve bore, through which must enter pairs. But if there is no couple, there is no pressure. Pressure provides rapid preparation of wholesome food. As a result, even the most common porridge is cooked much longer.

Sometimes it happens that the device automatically switches off right in the process of cooking food. In such cases, call a wizard that will check:
  • control Board;
  • the heat sensors.

But if has ceased to operate buttons on the panel, then the problem may be with built-in sensor. Or a possible fault in the control module. There is another option: the switch occurred, and the temperature rises. For the heating system meets the heater. If it is broken, then the slow cooker will turn on, but heat will not. Of course, the problem may be hiding and in electronics. To do this, invite the masters of the company "tekhservis Vinnitsa" and listen carefully to his recommendations.

Injuries classification and service of obslujvaneto master of the service center was able to effectively help with the renovation of the slow cooker, it should carefully examine and test broken appliance. The audit specialist will reveal what damage has occurred:
  • mechanical;
  • hardware;
  • normal wear and tear.

According to the fixed price list will announce the cost of upcoming repairs. Advice the client at home or send recommendations electronically. Any work done or replaced item master will provide a guarantee for 3-12 months. And initial diagnostics will perform for free that would be a nice bonus for the customer.


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