MFI Sos Credit: make the loan or not?

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Dutch microcredit company Sos Credit issuing loans to individuals. In the financial market it has appeared not so long ago, but has already established itself with a good hand. About all the features of lending to it, we describe in this article.

How to make a loan?
To become a full member of the system and be eligible to take the credit, you must register on the website of the company. It is sufficient to specify a valid phone number and come up with a strong password. Next, you need to do Sos Credit quick entrance and you can use the service.
To issue the loan in several ways: through the website or through the phone. In the first case, you must perform the following steps:
  1. on the main page in the appropriate field to make the necessary amount;
  2. there's also a slider to specify the loan term;
  3. to fill in a questionnaire to specify the passport data, data on social status and employment;
  4. to specify credit card information;
  5. confirm the loan.

The questionnaire is processed within 10 minutes. If it is controversial, the system automatically forwards it to the Manager. Specialist to resolve issues may contact the customer by phone. Sometimes additionally required to provide photographs.

Also arrange a loan through the phone. For this number, which is linked to the account of Sos Credit, you must send a message indicating the desired amount of money and term of the loan.

Credit conditions
MFI Credit Sos has developed for its clients the most favorable and reasonable terms:
  • interest rate — from 0.01% to 1.98%;
  • minimum loan amount — 500 UAH;
  • the maximum loan amount is 3 thousand hryvnias;
  • the crediting period — up to one month.

It is noteworthy that for regular customers are more loyal conditions. They have increased the credit limit of 15 thousand hryvnia. Regular clients who have positive credit history with no late payments, can get a discount on the interest rate of 15-50%, which is very beneficial.

Beginners who have just signed up on the website also receive a bonus — the first 15 days they shall be credited at the minimum rate of 0.01%. Then it increases to 1.98%.

It is worth noting that a lot of bonuses and discounts can also be obtained by issuing a credit "Casbee" (check the link

Thus, the company Sos Credit is reliable and offers favorable conditions of cooperation for its customers.

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