Due to lack of spiritual food men remain lifelong adolescents

Fifty six million eighty seven thousand three hundred sixteen

Due to lack of spiritual food people remain for life teenagers with a limited set of logical prejudices and mental schemes and hard to judge the world on the basis of them. Is it possible to avoid this terrible inferiority? We believe — possible.

Not necessarily by means of books and in General of what is called culture, but thanks to the continuous replenishment of all spiritual forces, which are in every normal person.
Does not require special philosophy in order to understand the role played in everyday life such simple things as meditation, contemplation, joy, silence, solitude — not to mention other related spiritual practices. In the soul of each there are periods of drought, infertility, of despair.

And each one experimentally finds the antidote to those moments of fatigue and unrest. Everyone knows what it means to even an hour of solitude or contemplation of the great cosmic phenomena: sunset, storms, starry nights. Upcoming joy and enlightenment is the roots that the soul sets in specific life — nourishing its roots.

Correcting our spiritual inferiority just starts with caring about these roots from the soil. It is, therefore, not a claim of philosophy, mysticism and so on. The question is only to organize our positive experiences.

About how to transform it into a tonic, tonic in meditation, contemplation or silence. These simple things are invaluable to maintain our inner balance, for inner growth.

The world today more often than in the past, forget about these simple things, standing at the head of the corner. So easy to be, if not happy, then at least reconciled to himself! Need to carve out some hours to quiet, to carefully look around. In appearance it is so simple that is not taken into account.

Mircea Eliade


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