Specifics of real estate in Kazan

One million one hundred nineteen thousand three hundred twenty two

Kazan, capital of Tatarstan, famous historical, business, cultural, sports, educational center. It is not surprising that the estate is willing to buy many inhabitants of the Republic, visitors from other regions. The price per square meter remains one of the highest in the country, commensurate with the level of prices in other major cities: Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhniy Novgorod. The population steadily closer to a half million people. Because such specificity is increasingly people consider the options of mortgage lending. Moreover, mortgage programs become more loyal in recent years. Plus, in advance it is possible to calculate the pending payments, using a virtual calculator. To calculate your mortgage in Kazan will help this website offers convenient functionality.

The specifics of the market
As of the end of summer 2018, the average price per "square" is 71000 RUB the Figures vary depending on whether you have implemented one, two, three bedroom apartment or housing category of curiosities. Features:
  • Kazan attractive from the point of view of learning, construction career. Currently, the city has 44 educational institutions of different types: public and private, branches of non-resident institutions. The most famous: the Volga Federal University, technical, technological, combined with the research centre for energy, innovative University, and many others.
  • The real estate market most of the proposal are "odnushki" with a combined share of almost 37%.
  • In second place, "kopeck piece", which represented almost 32%.
  • By a considerable margin followed by suggestions of "treshek": 25%.
  • As with almost all the major cities, the lower part of the proposals is devoted to curiosities: four-room apartments and others.

Other features of the real estate market of Kazan
The highest price per 1 square meter have single objects, the average price per "square" of nearly 75 000, the average cost of a meter "kopeck piece" is nearly 72 000. The greatest interest in buying square meters show the people of the region. In particular, buyers want to improve their own living conditions, to expand or, conversely, to exchange an apartment for two. Also moving to the capital of the Republic, people from near and far suburbs. There is a considerable stratum of people who wish to move from large cities to more remote and quiet areas. This is true for many cities, and Kazan is no exception. Today it is one of the most promising for the life of the regions.


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