Online slot machines: specifics and advantages

Forty three million forty six thousand one hundred ninety five

The first slot machines appeared in 1897, of Course, is primitive, the product cannot be compared to modern designs. Charles fey, the inventor of the first gaming machine, used 3 independent rotating drum. Character number was established after the card suits and images of stars, horseshoes and bells. The last three characters dropped at the same time, formed the winning combination. The prize for her supposed "fabulous": 50 cents. However, the stakes were too small: the coin of 5 cents. However, despite the insignificance of winning, the excitement was huge.

The history of slot machines
"Card" stage changed significant stage of development, which can be called "fruit". The combination of the images of cherries, plums, watermelons and oranges were promised certain benefits. However, the prize to be cash, and in the form of chewing gum with a fruity taste.

Bally Manufacturing was the first that released the Electromechanical device and marked the beginning of the transition to the apparatuses.

The appearance of the first video slot refers to the 1975 took a few years to innovation has received recognition from the gamblers. After video slots became popular, and began a fundamentally new period of development of slot machines.

The advantages of online slots
  • The presence of the bonus round. To activate essential specific characters. The essence of the prize of the tour involves the performance of certain tasks. If you are coping with it successfully, it relies a cash prize.
  • Advanced gameplay due to the additional characters. So, with the help of the "wild" sign wild and scatter may be a significant increase of the prize amount.
  • Colorful, attractive design. Attractive picture contributes to getting pleasure from the process of the game. A positive impression is enhanced by musical accompaniment appropriate to the subject.
  • Thematic variety. Software companies are constantly creating new games dedicated to famous characters from movies, historical events. Popular nautical theme, travel, treasure hunting, martial arts, ancient civilizations, other cultures.
  • Convenience. If earlier to visit casino you need to spend time on the road (sometimes even in another city), then you can pass the time in a familiar home environment, the monitor of the PC. In addition, you can immerse yourself in the virtual world vulkanplatinum when it is convenient for you and play as much as you want to.
  • Demo-versions. This is especially true for beginners who are afraid of losses. Demo mode will appreciate and experienced players who want to learn a new slot. To play for real or virtual money – it all depends on your decision.
  • The constant emergence of new variants of games, so that interest in the slots is not quenched.

With each new sample of the game become more sophisticated and attractive.


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