Meaty breeds of chickens and laying hens

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Breed is a large and meaty cocks
When the need for major meat and poultry, then choose a breed "the Jersey giant", "Master grey", "Brahma", "Chinchin", "Orpington". They quickly gain weight and are well adapted to the cold. These roosters breed is quiet in nature, hens lay large eggs even in cold period. From this bird turns out quality meat, in the process of cultivation is required to clearly observe and calculate the diet.

The most expensive among these birds are considered to breed a "Master grey" and "Mahinhin". In the process of care requires:
  • the large area is used the enclosure or facility; otherwise it may decrease the growth rate of animals;
  • careful dosage selection of diet and vitamins;
  • soft flooring on the floor because chickens are heavy and often fall off the perch getting injured.
Large breeds it is recommended to breed from the hatching eggs to the juveniles repeated maternal characteristics.

Ross 308
To 60 g per day gain of the broilers in the period of active growth. It's a bird-hybrids bred breeding method in England. Breeders Ross company chose 4 lines of hybrid birds. As a result of crossing received the Ross 308 broilers with an average weight of 2.47 kg which is reached at the age of 42 days.

Every day individuals gaining almost 58 g, and the hen leads in the number of eggs. This species is characterized by low growth and tight pen in white. Fleshy parts are:
  • of the thigh;
  • tibia;
  • chest.
Already 2.5 months carcass weighs up to 3 kg. And is an excellent indicator to the face. The percentage of 1/3 of the mass of the chicken or rooster is the chest part. And since the broiler turns to 75% meat.
With proper cultivation and compliance with the diet, for 14 weeks, you can get a bird weighing up to 4.5 kg. If it's a chicken, it will have a year to 160 eggs.

Breed American and English hens plimutrok
Hardy and meat breed chickens are considered to be plymouthrock bred domestic and European farmers. They were selected in America and continued to work on the breed in England. These are:
  • large size;
  • weight;
  • chickens – a sufficient number of eggs.
Individuals have a wide back and breast area. Cocks immediately stand out short but lush tails. And breed chickens plimutrok has a small head, rounded body and short tail feathers.
The color of the plumage are distinguished white birds, which are bred on an industrial scale. Also there is a striped species that partially perform a decorative function. Black-and-white color can be traced bluish stripes on the feather.


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