Specifics of the real estate market of Blagoveshchensk

Eighty eight million seventy two thousand five hundred fifty six

Blagoveshchensk is located in the far East, being the fifth largest city of the region, its population exceeded 200,000. Attracted to this locality and proximity to China. In fact, it is the border town, which accounts for its special status. These factors along with many others affect the real estate market of the city. Many see the region as favorable from an investment point of view, especially if the link to the location organization of trade relations with China.

Still the most popular one and two bedroom apartments, three-room a little inferior to them. Read more about real estate in Blagoveshchensk can be found on the website https://blag.etagi.com/realty/dvuhkomnatnye-kvartiry/, to see the trends, prices, expert opinions.

Features of the real estate of the region
Actively implemented and plots for individual construction. Valued city and suburbs at a distance of 10-20 km. Features:
  • In the city there are a variety of mortgage programs. In particular, military mortgage is one of the best. The program involves not only officers, the graduates of Universities, but also contractors, enlisted personnel, warrant officers. You should pay attention to the standards set by "Rosvoenipoteka", according to which the maximum possible amount of funds for participation in the program is 2.4 million rubles.
  • Total market represented more than 6,000 apartments, most of them standard, two represented slightly more than 1000 variants. The cheapest accommodation (2 rooms), judging by the ads in the databases is 700 000 rubles. The standard size: 45 square metres and more.
  • Active objects are implemented in nearby settlements, in particular, the village of Ivanovka Srednebelaya, Pozdeeva, serhiivka and others. In nearby settlements, located at a distance of 30 km from Blagoveschensk, at the lowest prices. As you approach the city the cost increases.

Features of the real estate market
He is also exposed to cyclicality, as in other regions of the country. To date, there is some stagnation, the market is waiting for. This is due to changing legislation, expected changes in Bank mortgage rates. Still popular options for partial loan repayment using maternity capital.

The city has its own specifics. In particular, hosted by a free ferry across the Amur river, connecting Russia and China via the pontoon bridge, which is available in spring and autumn. It passes through the massive flow of commercial trucks, connecting Russia and China. Organized and bus service. The city has a river station, there is an active air traffic through the airport Ignatievo and rail links via the station of Blagoveshchensk.


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