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Modern man has created a society built on discrete, selfish perception of reality. Technological advances have allowed us not to depend on family and consumer company was forced to be in a state of “me and my desire”. These desires are constantly growing and require filling. So between growing competition and alienation.

Find out why the lives of the contemporaries becomes boring, pointless, doomed is not easy, because the knowledge of the truth claim of all social science. However, trusting only the possibility to check for yourself, I found it in the wisdom of Kabbalah, which for centuries was closed to most. That's what I heard on one of the lessons of the modern Kabbalist Michael Laitman:

The principle of “be the Joneses” is running on “high revs”. People become “slaves” to their desires, thinking that is their desire. Actually, it's imposed desires of those in whose hands power, money, press, advertising.

High level of technological development has not freed man from many hours of labor. In this race involved both men and women. The result is the children suffer. At an early age given in kindergarten, they lack the warmth and closeness of parents, so children do not feel safe.

Formal education, formal education in the absence of parents leads to alienation. School is a place where a child needs to survive. A society organized on the basis of competition compels even children to engage in selfish competition. It causes children stress.

Mental fatigue and inability to change lead people to indifference and separation. The man feels the emptiness, loneliness and dissatisfaction, nothing fills it. Because our nature is selfish, each struggling to find this filling and not finding it. There is no solution. A vicious circle. All this leads people to numerous diseases, including depression. As a result of constant stress people turn to drugs and alcohol.

To break the vicious circle is possible only under condition of transition to a higher level of consciousness. Humanity must rise above his egoism and to create relations based on love, care and mutual help. The methodology to achieve this new level of relationship between all offers the wisdom of Kabbalah. Six thousand years ago this technique has described in his books the great Kabbalists our generation.

These books became available to us through those who understood their secret essence. Since 2001 there is the international Academy of Kabbalah that allows us to prepare for the understanding of these books and the wisdom of Kabbalah. Its founder Michael Laitman is a student and follower of the great Kabbalists of the twentieth century Rabash and Baal HaSulam. More than forty years of his life he devoted to the study of ancient science and diffusion of knowledge of modern generation. His daily lessons on Kabbalah are broadcast to more than two million students worldwide with translations into dozens of languages. Listening to them, everyone can attain a level of PEOPLE, comprehended the meaning of existence.

Irina Kaplan


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