28 superposable, how to make a gift original. № 8 — just a delight!

My mom this Sunday's birthday and then next week my sister and close friend. And it is only September! For example, I love to give gifts, but I try every time to do it so that they brought joy to the celebrant.

And in this case the packaging plays an important role. After all, receiving gifts is always nice. And present, exquisitely and inventively packaged, will rejoice doubly.

In addition, I believe that gift wrapping your own hands — a kind of tribute to the family and friends. After all, doing it in the store, you'll just spend money buying another service that few people appreciate. But having the original packaging with your own hands, you will put part of your soul, and it will be appreciated.

How you arrange pterocladia «Site» have prepared for you 28 just gorgeous ideas for creating gift packages own hand. Here's how to give a Sunny mood even in gloomy autumn!

  1. Fairly simple packaging, white paper looks impressive and interesting, if to it to add here is a maple leaf, even if cut from colored paper. Twenty one million eight hundred ninety eight thousand three hundred ninety four

  2. Forty million one hundred thousand forty four

  3. From such sweet and delicate gift will delight any woman. And all that for this you will need a small bunch of daisies, bright ribbon and tonal flowers and a sheet of plain Kraft paper, which is sold in any office supply store. Forty eight million nine hundred nine thousand nine hundred seventy six

  4. Ninety three million seven hundred ninety seven thousand seven hundred fifty seven

  5. Down with the templates! Why not replace the ribbon bows on these gorgeous butterflies? Eighty million four hundred sixty six thousand four hundred sixty five

  6. Fourteen million five hundred ninety seven thousand seven hundred sixty six

  7. No wonder they say that the sweetest word is his name. So why not make the packaging personalized gift? This is the case when the package has not only aesthetic function but also helps to understand where someone is a gift. For example, in the Christmas night under the tree are surprises for each of the family members.

    Twenty two million nine hundred thirteen thousand four hundred ninety five

  8. Thirty six million one hundred ninety thousand six hundred ninety five

  9. For this design you'll need Kraft paper and several sheets of colored cardboard. Just cut out cardboard hearts and stick them on the gift using knitting yarn. Eighty one million four hundred fifty two thousand two hundred sixty three

  10. Twenty one million one hundred thirty nine thousand five hundred thirty eight

  11. And this idea I think I will take on Board. Eighty four million eight hundred eighty three thousand six hundred sixty nine

  12. Sixty five million five hundred thirty three thousand seven hundred twenty one

  13. Quite unusual and very simple solution. To implement this idea you need beautiful cards, suitable in size, and a little white wide ribbon. Thirty seven million five hundred eighty three thousand one hundred eighty three

  14. Fifty million three hundred seventy five thousand six hundred thirty five

  15. Another great example of the gift of fresh flowers. Who said flowers can only be in the bouquet? Eighty eight million two hundred sixty four thousand eight hundred forty nine

  16. Twelve million thirty six thousand three hundred twenty one

  17. And those POM-poms out of colored threads will be a great alternative to the already annoying bows. Twenty four million six hundred eleven thousand two hundred eighty

  18. Sixty two million seven hundred seventy nine thousand four hundred one

  19. Looking at the packaging, immediately want to take a picture with this gift, but to reveal such a stylish gift will definitely be a pity. Eighty eight million eight hundred ninety five thousand two hundred fifty two

  20. Eighteen million four hundred sixty nine thousand nine hundred forty two

  21. I think this original design will be very happy all autumn. Eighty four million two hundred twenty seven thousand two hundred twelve

  22. Seventy one million five hundred thirty eight thousand four hundred thirty eight

  23. And this variant of packing gifts for creative people: notes for musicians, sheet of newspaper for journalists. However, this wrap is perfect for any other gift, because coffee print never goes out of fashion. Fifty two million five hundred seventy seven thousand fifty

  24. Fourteen million seven hundred eighty seven thousand five hundred ninety seven

  25. If your beloved does not like too the bright and colorful packaging, you can make the original box with a "male" character. There you can put watches, gift certificates or a regular razor and socks. Forty one million four hundred five thousand seven hundred ninety eight

  26. Thirty six million one hundred sixty one thousand six hundred twenty five

  27. These feathers are made of paper looks amazing, isn't it? And being able to make their own. A simple pencil, colored paper, scissors and your desire to create will help to make the gift memorable! Twenty million seven hundred sixty five thousand eight hundred eighty two

  28. Fifty four million ninety five thousand three hundred eighty two

The Board of Directors to nicely wrap a gift, just remember that you know and love to do things with their hands, and the idea of the decor package will come up by itself.

Addicted to knitting? Decorate the packaging with a knitted flower. Addicted to quilling, scrapbooking, sculpting polymer clay or beading? Make decorative elements in these techniques, and your gift will be designed at the highest level!

I'm just in awe of these wonderful ideas! And what do you think about interesting design gifts? I would be glad if you share your opinion in the comments.

And do not forget to share this beauty, maybe someone of them wants to do something similar for you.

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Anastasia Davidenko Nastya does yoga and loves travelling. Fashion, architecture and all fine — that aspires to a girl's heart! Anastasia is engaged in design of interiors and makes unique jewelry with a floral theme. Wants to live in France, learn the language and keenly interested in the culture of this country. Believes that the person needs a lifetime to learn something new. Favorite Anastasia book — "Eat, pray, love" by Elizabeth Gilbert.


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