How Russian tourist smuggled across the border is a very strange food for dogs

Seventy seven million nine hundred sixty one thousand eighty two

Customs office at a major international airport. The worker will review the documents to Russian tourists, and suddenly his gaze falls on the oversized suitcase men, from the depths of which came a strange smell. Customs officer:

— So, dear, please open the suitcase!

— Why? I have only feed my dog! — outraged tourist.

— Open, I need to inspect it! — says an employee of the clerks tone.

The tourist opens the suitcase, the officer looks in there and sees a few bottles of wine, five cheeses, 10 boxes of chocolate and a box of perfume. Face customs the sky in surprise.

— What, you think that your dog will eat it all? — sarcastically he asks the tourist.

— Ay, — waving the hand. — If you do not want, so let's not eating, that's her personal business.



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