7 tricks with the utensils that really help out in everyday life.

At the thought of cleaning the kitchen each hostess penetrate shiver: the soot on the pots and pan, stubborn fat on the stove and walls, and a cooking kettle in a strange black plaque... All waiting for the tired woman in the evening after work.

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Our editorial team decided to facilitate women's life, therefore, shares useful tips for cleaning the kitchen. I hope you will be useful!

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Tips Housewives
  1. Nagar pan
    This method of cleansing dishes came to us from Soviet times. To get rid of contaminants, you need to pour in a large pan, water bucket and add water to 200 grams of soap chips. Then you need to mix half a kilo of soda ash and 100 grams of silicate glue. The resulting slurry is to be dissolved in the soapy water.

    The ready mixture should be placed dirty dishes: pans, pots and roasters. After half an hour of simmering cooking utensils in boiling liquid all scale easy to fall behind.
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  2. Blackened silver
    To return to the original luster vintage dish, enough to soak for 15 minutes in ketchup and then wash off "cleanser" and warm water. Yeah, sounds pretty weird, but it works! Acid contained in tomatoes, is very very clean darkened silver.
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  3. Means for cleaning of glasses
    Don't worry, if you are a professional window cleaning came to a sudden end. Clean glass cabinets in the kitchen will help natural spray! It is necessary to pour it in a spray bottle of 200 grams water and 50 grams of lemon juice.
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  4. Scale in a metal kettle
    To clean up such contamination without chemicals! To do this, simply pour the kettle with 1 liter of water and 100 milliliters of white vinegar. The mixture should boil for 15 minutes. After this procedure, all the scum off of the metal.
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  5. Drying dishes
    Experienced mistress don't like to waste time on empty things. Therefore, in order not to wipe once again Cup, many women specially buy the dishes with a small notch at the bottom. Thus, the water automatically flows down from the bottom of the cups in the pan.
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  6. Cleaning of utensils of stainless steel
    To get rid of dark flying fork and spoon made of stainless steel, it is sufficient to prepare a special solution. To do this in 1 liter of boiling water needed to dissolve 100 grams of soda and 50 grams of silicate glue. The resulting mixture should be placed soiled dishes and boil for 5 minutes.
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  7. If there is no space for clean dishes
    If at some point you found that in the dry dish is not enough space, do not worry! Just put the bars from the oven to the sink.
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And any tricks for cleaning, you know? Be sure to share with us their valuable experience.

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