Not only oily hair: 10 small mistakes that turn you into a slob! It's in the details.

From childhood we are taught to be neat and tidy. I agree, there is nothing that turns away from the man as sloppiness. You don't have to dress to the nines, not to visit spas, but to look neat should. It is, first and foremost, it demonstrates your respect for yourself.

That's just sloppy, you can feel even with clean hair, teeth, body and washed the blouse. There are 10 small details that can make others call you a slob, even if your outfit costs tens of thousands. About these treacherous things you talk editors "Website".

Slovenly appearance
  1. Not quite white
    Unfortunately, the white stuff is not very practical and after a few washings they become grayish or yellowish tint. Even if this happened with your favorite thing, stop trying to wear it — it's awful. The same applies to stains. By the way, don't send white clothes in the machine along with towels or linens. They can lose fibers in the process of washing that always has a negative impact on clothes.

  2. Wrinkled clothes
    This is especially true of office blouses and dresses to the floor. If you wear wrinkled clothing, then all your hours of effort with hair, makeup, choice of outfit simply in vain. Of course, there are fabrics that can be ironed hour, but after 5 minutes they become like an accordion. Below the collar did not appear "wrinkles", start the Ironing, while the shirt is still slightly damp, and don't forget to iron it and the outside and inside.

  3. Gum on hand
    It is not clear where did this fashion, but most young girls and women aged, worn on the hand popular gum Invisibobble, which is more like the wire from your old phone. All is good, but stylists say: on the wrists or wear a watch or bracelets. Especially if you work in an office. Gum and put it in a cosmetic bag or use as directed.

  4. Chipped nail Polish
    You can do without words. Just remember one simple rule: better to have no Polish than the chipped nail Polish a week ago. The same applies to broken through one nails and hangnails.

  5. Too long pants
    Long pants lengthen legs, but sooner or later you will come, and dust are all removed from the roads. Not the most attractive sight, when there is a beautiful woman, and the hem of her pants in the thread, dirt and small holes. Just make up your mind before you buy pants, what shoes are you going to wear them with low or high heels. And immediately cut them from a seamstress, so you do not have to turn them into breeches.

  6. Faded jeans
    Black and dark blue jeans fade over time and are not quite rich color. To avoid fading of denim, wash them inside out and only in cold water. Because warm water destroys the fibers of the denim and makes it to fade before our eyes. These pants, you definitely won't embellish and cheapen any look.

  7. Too many bags
    With packages, especially with branded boutiques, generally go bad. It's hard to look neat with three bags and a package in his mouth. Let this picture will always be relevant while shopping, working or walking it is better to choose a roomy bag where you can safely and put the folder and notebook, and for the fact a place to remain. And if it will be more natural leather — just super.

  8. Lint and dust on clothing
    Don't forget before leaving to go clothes roller for cleaning. This is especially true autumn coat of dark color. Just looks awful girl, whose clothes coat cat hair, different threads and other debris.

  9. Pellets
    This is the eternal problem. Unfortunately, the majority of clothes sooner or later acquires these terrible pellets. If your favorite sweater there were these enemies, you should abandon it. And if you buy a new opportunities no, then arm yourself with a razor and "shave" the lint.

  10. Shoes of the wrong size
    Whatever alluring price on sale, never buy shoes more or less his size. Not only that, it will almost always be noticed by others, so you're still gonna suffer from foot pain. And in disrepair, this pair are guaranteed to come much sooner.

Do not let these errors to be present in my life. And don't forget to share useful information with your friends in social networks!

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