Stretching for the hands when you carpal tunnel syndrome

Special exercises at the carpal tunnel syndromecarpal tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a General term to describe symptoms and conditions when the median nerve is compressed as a result of swelling or inflammation in the surrounding tissues.

Special exercises can help prevent injuries and alleviate symptoms of CTS. As a rule, they consist of stretching of the shoulder muscles and the muscles that bend and unbend the wrist.

Below are some exercises that can be useful for this syndrome. Before you start any exercise consult a doctor to find out if they fit in your case.

All movements should be performed slowly without any jerks and undue stress. Moving this provision from 10 to 30 seconds depending on the sensations. Repeat movement on both sides 5 to 10 times.

Stretching for the shoulders:

• Stand at a distance of approximately 20 cm from the door opening. Bend your elbow and place your hand on the frame at shoulder height and lean forward through the passage.

• Feet shoulder width apart, knees relaxed. Get bent at the elbow across the chest, place the brush of the second hand on the opposite arm above the elbow and push it against the body.

• Lie on your right side, knees bent, between them place the cushion, place the top hand on waist, elbow bent 90 degrees. Slowly pull the forearm back with the palm facing up while holding the elbow in place.

Stretching for the wrists:

• Sitting or standing, feet shoulder width apart, knees relaxed, put your hands in "prayer position" at chest: hands and elbows connected and close to the body. Keeping your palms joined, lower hands to waist level.

• Initial position, as in the above exercise. Lay the outside wrist of each hand in the axilla, so that the hands looked like "chicken wings". Maintaining the position of the wrists, gently push the elbows down to stretch the upper part of the wrist.

• Sit, forward bent at the elbow, palm facing up. With second hand push down, stretching the wrist and each finger individually.

• The same starting position, but palm downward, the brush is squeezed in a fist. With the other hand gently push on his fist. published


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