The strangest professions (10 photos)

Still, the planet Earth - a very strange place. Sometimes you wonder just how much our world there is absurd and ridiculous things. It is not for nothing that they say that the truth is more fantastic than any fiction.
Well wonder can be found in such a boring area, as the labor market? But if you dig more carefully, here you can find a lot of fun. For example, if you look at the world's regular reports of recruitment agencies.

Giovanni Felizzola hails from Italy. Manufacture of neon signs has been since 1967. He has his own shop in Baltimore, where he manages since 1985. He himself says that when working with glass is necessary to be extremely careful - the slightest inaccuracy and everything will be spoiled. Work glassblower has not changed much since ancient times. Master the force of his lungs, and under the influence of fire gently stretches and bends the glass.

Dusty Barrett - rodeo clown from childhood. At the age of two years he has performed with his grandfather. The only drawback of the work considers the ongoing patrols on the tour, because of what it can not see each other for a long time with his family. The most important purpose of his performances is the laughter of children.

William Coffman engaged in unusual business for 16 years. He works as a diver in the exhibition, National Aquarium in Baltimore who is in Maryland, USA. This is the only way to clean the acrylic panels and do all that is necessary manually. When he starts to rub the glass with a thickness of 7 cm kids always happily respond with genuine interest in watching him, and William like to look at their faces.

Jason Stull from Baltimore runs called numbers in the lottery in the entertainment center "Bingo World" and like all the people who worked with him. "They can be called crazy, of course, in a good sense of the word - says Stull. - Sometimes you have hard, because at the end of the day all the balls already seem to resemble each other. But you can not be distracted, so you have to focus. " Sometimes Jason is forced to work up to three hours of the night. It is not uncommon that players accused of losing his fiasco someone who just calls balls. "In such cases, you have to be thick-skinned because they're just upset because of the defeat." But earlier he believed diamond drilling vocation of his life.


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