Stylish "cat eyes" with professional makeup


Spring warmth, high quality cosmetics and excellent make-up will give any girl confidence. As a classic makeup is always in fashion, a purse any lady should be kept black pencil and the same color eyeliner. Before the new season it is advisable to check all the cosmetics to the expiration date and update if necessary.


Select kachestvennaya ladies experimenting with expensive brands and cheaper alternatives from shadows, pencils, eyeliners. Very rarely the results converge. In most cases, high-quality cosmetics from superior to Chinese products. Therefore, for precise and accurate make-up is better to choose offers from trusted brands.

Preparation lacapere applying any makeup, the skin should be carefully prepared.
  1. The skin cleanse and moisturize.
  2. Applied basic tonal Foundation under the shade. This will make it easy to draw "cat eyes".
  3. Doing make-up.

Base can be used in liquid and creamy structure. Professional makeup artists prefer the first type, arguing that the choice is better applied to the skin.

The quality framework will allow to properly apply the shadow and shade. Cosmetics will not crumble, to slide and to fade during the day. Also the base is perfectly camouflages skin imperfections (redness, dark spots, peeling).

Draw "cat eyes"it is Desirable to have a shadow palette or a set of beauty bag (every girl's dream!). Better to give preference to the set, which has a lot of shades of one color in order to make the transition.
  • The lightest shade is used to highlight the lower eyelid.
  • More saturated shadows fully colored upper eyelid to the lower eyebrow line. You can mix light pearl with Golden or chocolate color.
  • Eyeliner draw a line along the border with the eyelashes, from the outer to the inner corner. And the lower eyelid is left without a shooter.

The image of the cat-eye look is ready. You can experiment with any palette of high-quality cosmetics presented in All shades correspond to made in the catalog photo.



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