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The process of age-related changes of the skin accompanied by the presence of fine lines and deeper creases. Starts to actively manifest itself the wrong way of life and sleepless nights. Therefore, the desire to see my face fresh and young, it becomes natural for every Mature person, regardless of gender. Medical center offers its customers an alternative to the standard procedures of rejuvenation. On the new device conducted rf lifting in MLC with a guarantee of safe exposure to the skin. Spots are easily removed, and scars on the skin quickly heals.

Feature metodov use the Infini device that is specifically designed for fractional lifting. Each procedure is designed individual disposable nozzle with a gilded eagle. These elements 49. The specifics of the tiered process of face lift is:
  • supply a pulse of radio waves with a certain frequency on a gold-plated needle;
  • the impulse is transferred to different layers of the skin;
  • the entire face is treated evenly according to their thickness.
The outcome of the procedure becomes the restored structure and tone of the skin, returns elasticity and elasticity.

Possible podtyagivatsya dermatologists-cosmetologists of the center MLC appoint anti-aging treatments to patients with any skin type. Rf lifting has no specific contraindications, and can be performed at any time. After a session you will not have burns and dark spots. As time changes may be observed:
  • light redness;
  • a small swelling;
  • possible peeling.
Such a reaction come on for 1 – 2 days. Therefore, the procedure can be recorded before the weekend, and look gorgeous in the first working day of the new week.

A list of protivopokazanii not provided for people with mental disorders or malignant diseases. Excludes acute stage of chronic diseases. Banned any trimester of pregnancy. Lifting is not carried out on the skin affected by dermatitis.

One session for the treatment of skin is from an hour to an hour. For anesthesia local anesthesia is used. Be sure to observe all doctor's recommendations and monitoring visits to the salon every week for a month.



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