Vector lifting - all you need to know about the method

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If you want to return the youth themselves, with the help of modern medicine and cosmetology, pay special attention to the vector lifting. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, and has visible positive results.

When to use vector lifting?
Specific age after which you should use vector lifting, no. The procedure should be used when you desire to get rid of the following cosmetic flaws and age-related changes:
  • The presence of the second chin;
  • The omission of the tissues in the eyebrows, eyelids, eyes, corners of the mouth;
  • The appearance of skin folds;
  • Age and pronounced wrinkles;
  • Acquired or congenital ptosis;
  • Other age-related changes.

In addition, vector lifting is an effective preventive procedure. Run it, and the emergence of the above problems you will not be afraid.

The stages of
One of the advantages of lifting this type is that it does not require patient's stay in hospital, and runs for hours. The stages of the procedure the following:
  • Performing marking on the face with a special washable marker. By marking the cosmetologist will perform the grid;
  • Treatment of the face with antiseptics;
  • Anesthesia region, which will be introduced filament;
  • Execution of injection of particular filaments from the periphery to the center;
  • Application of special creams and gels that accelerate the healing process of tissues.

The composition of the threads is selected so that creates the skin depth of the reinforcing frame, in the future, leading to growth of connective tissue. Eventually the skin gets elasticity and smoothness, she lifts up and gets rid of wrinkles.

In fact, vector lifting is an improved version of contouring. As well as the technique of injection (is performed using very fine needles) and also involves the use of fillers (the fact that they consist of reinforcing strands).

The advantages and disadvantages of the method
A key advantage of vector lifting is the ability to create new facial contours. Reinforcing the frame is to maintain a lifting effect for eighteen months to two years. The treatment is painless and quick. The only disadvantage is only its cost – is relatively high.

Important! The first positive results can be seen immediately after performing the cosmetic procedure. However, it often happens that one session is not enough to obtain the maximum positive result. If you want the effect to was the best and lasted for several years, go through repeated therapy. The number of sessions is determined by the beautician, considering the condition of the skin and age of the patient.


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