The secret to a toned and elastic skin of face lifting mask from flax seeds!

Linseed oil — is a medicinal product, it is used in areas such as medicine, cooking and cosmetology. This tool is widely used to improve the condition of skin, body and hair.

Flaxseed oil has many beneficial vitamins like F, A, and E. They provide intensive nutrition, hydration, and protects it from premature aging.

Today our editorial team will share with you a unique recipe of natural lifting mask from flax seeds. This cosmetic product promotes the correction of facial contours and smooth out wrinkles.

Flaxseed oil лица

  • 1 tsp flax seeds
  • 60 g of water

  1. Place flax seeds in a small glass or bowl. You put them in water, then in a few minutes vzbaltyvayut mixture.

  2. Cover the mixture with a paper towel and leave to steep for 2-3 hours.

  3. After the specified time, the seeds will provide useful mucus. Pass it through a strainer to separate the seeds. Apply effective substance with the help of the pad on cleansed face and neck.

  4. Apply at least 5 layers, giving each of them time to dry out.

See this detailed video master class on cooking a lifting mask.

After applying all layers should lie with closed eyes for about 15-20 minutes, trying to keep the person immobile. You must then wash off the mask with warm decoction of chamomile and apply on face and neck nourishing cream. This procedure is necessary every day. Duration of use is a minimum of 15 masks.

After 1 month your skin will thank you for caring! Don't forget to share a recipe for a natural facelift mask with friends.

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