There are things that do not catch up, however quickly fled

When choosing a shelter, make sure the key of his door in Your pocketI got sick and missed quite an important event. Being able to be there became obvious to me eyes filled with tears, just for a few minutes. There would I weep my disappointment, my unreasonable expectations, to close this topic and move on. But no! And sorrow hides under the mask of... annoyance.

The tears dry and I start to get angry at your body for the virus, that "not wanted". So a few days passed, and the anger ... And the weather is lousy, and hope for an early spring did not materialize, and my husband also had the audacity to get sick!I turned to the grunt, before suspected something was wrong.

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Just search for the start point of irritation, I again remembered treacherously crept the tears. Tears of helplessness, tears of frustration, tears of my human limitations. I confess that I get angry rather than to cry. Angry, I feel strong, on horseback, energetic, able to turn the tide, is just a little push.

And very quickly forgotten that I'm not the weather I wanted to fix it actually, and to see important people and be in a process that is already behind us. The train left, and I'm running on rails. And one only has to stop for a single moment, and then will come the realization that there are things that do not catch up, however quickly fled. That they are lost forever.

In loss there is always a great temptation to hide from its adoption. The names of these shelters: denial, accusation and revenge. Moving from "we can still fix if to push"; "actually it is they (he, she, it) blame and justice must be restored" can be infinitely long to face the fact that nothing would be like before. Not stop. No regret. Not to grieve.

The mountain is filled with impotence. My inability to change something. Although intense mental pain, which is filled with a reaction of grief is often avoided, but on a deeper level, avoidance is not due to this. To accept the fact of loss is to change your ideas as about the world and about yourself.To abandon the idea of omnipotence, omnipotence.To recognize their significant limitations, his inability, or rather, the meaninglessness to control events in the world.

Many people think that to renounce the omnipotence – it means to see yourself as a small, childlike position. This is not so. Children's position is ignoring the restrictions. And where the ignored restrictions, and private power is not recognized. I can't dominate over death, but I can live a full life as much as I have. I can not fully protect yourself from illness, loss, hardship. But I can use the power that I have as I important.

In the illusion of the omnipotence of the real possibility dissolve.True powerlessness is the belief in the omnipotence.

Loss often filled with pain, bitterness, regret, resentment, blame. But it brings us back to the reality, which was something valuable. What hurt so much was losing.

Like a lot of effort not to notice the loss! The energy is expended in hiding instead of having to spend money on life. Hiding from grief, we become his hostage. Unbeknownst to himself it is possible for life to be put on his service instead of residence.

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Honesty with ourselves can be painful, spice up with fear, anxiety and uncertainty. But only honesty gives us control over life, over the part of her that you can really manage.

When choosing a shelter, make sure the key of his door in Your pocket.  published 


Author: Tatyana Demyanenko

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! © econet

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