Man: the tray is not accustomed!

Recently I spoke with my sister on the phone – they live in different cities, but it is not a hindrance to our daily conversations. At some point our conversation sister, picturesquely describing the failure of some friend to marry someone married, gave the same Maxim: "To the tray are not accustomed to, and learn too late…»

How to negotiate with the man

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I'm in this phrase hooked. I got to thinking and realized that included two polar things.

Initial. It's a shame when about another person referred to as animal – cat, dog… Yet he, the man – the man, the same as unflatteringly described his lady.

Second. This metaphor accurately describes many men that I hear on the advice from their "second halves".

For example:

...he never lifts the toilet lid, and I regularly sit on a wet rim... hate It!

...he never wash his dishes…

...he throws his things anywhere…

...he likes chips, scraps and empty bottles in front of the TV and goes to sleep, and at night I Wake up and go to turn off the TV, cursing the day when I met him…

...he dirtied his car as a barn – floor mats were not out a year…

...he tries a lot of days walking in the same shorts and socks, but if it's cornered, he protects them as though it were a second skin, and washing machine transformerait them in dangerous space monsters…

...he never makes the bed…

...he picks his nose in front of me and in front of other people…

I asked simple questions in this inhuman, but very capacious metaphor:

  • What is the "tray"?
  • Someone needs to teach him a man?
  • If a man "to the tray are not accustomed to", is there any way to fix it?
My thoughts – rather an invitation to discussion than the ready strategy:

1. The tray is a set of rules under which a man should behave in a certain way. Today in the big cities they are dictated by the ideas of equality and fraternity men and women, so we expected that the man will behave in a life like our sister or girlfriend.But there are pitfalls, chief among them: did the man these rules? Signed up under them? Because different "Codes bro" is not a word about washing dishes and taking out the trash, changing diapers and cleaning..

Problems with the regulations relate to the following items:

  • Disagreement with the rules themselves (again – it is under it was not signed);
  • The presence of the opposite rule (the man must be stern and strong – a man has to be understanding and kind.);
  • Disagreement with those who came up with these rules (e.g., mother, wife – mother-in-law, believes that it is impossible to let her husband go to office parties, and the wife rolls his scandals.)
So start with, who understands that under the tray. Perhaps in the mind of men there is a tray, no less complex, expensive filler, which is not something that to tame — impossible to fit a woman.

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2. The man to the tray no one to teach should not. Let's forget about mom! If the tray is a rule, it is normal that they change as the system changes. Lived with his mother every Saturday, cleaned the apartment (7 carpets in the tent – it's not a joke), and on Sunday sang in the Church choir. Lived in the barracks jumped the signal and sang the national anthem. Lived in the Dorm – did what he wanted, drank and sang songs under a guitar... But got married and started... Where is the tray? How to get close to him unnoticed? What to do if they miss, happens at the beginning of a new life…

The harsh critic in the face of a friend-a girl-wife notices everything... Purebred animal got? Affectionate? Is it easy to contact? How much time is needed for training?

Together with the inconsistency of the commands and whims of a man completely lost. What should it be? Today cat-the naughty, tomorrow is a dangerous tiger... is difficult to Guess, and yet, all the while sawing, criticize, criticize, whine…

3. So: what to do?

If the man has an IQ above 70 you can negotiate with him. To discuss the rules. To talk about his vision of the situation. Explain. Help. Support – this is your shared space.

But no one tries! Nice, feminine, wise... simply to once again say "semicircle" or "angebote" and proudly go forward again and again, continuing to sit on a wet toilet seat as a symbol of protest against the enslavement and the manifestation of his animal nature.

Nothing new to say.

What to do? - Talk.

And you will be a great family or human happiness. published 

Author: Natalia Aliferovich


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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