Feel desperate – paint the road!

Leadership of the art therapistthe Art therapy literally means healing through drawing (painting). Art in itself is healing, because it satisfies the human need for self-expression and self-regulation. It is believed that in the process of interaction with paints, paper, clay and his image, man manifests itself in the results of their creative activities, takes place through self-discovery and self-expression. Negative feelings can be expressed in an acceptable form, weathered and altered – as a result, the person feels relief from difficult situations.

So, a quick guide to the art therapist: what if..?

1. Tired – draw flowers.

2. Evil – draw the line.

3. Hurts – lepi.

4. Bored fill out a piece of paper in different colors.

5. Sad – draw a rainbow.

6. Scary – whip macrame or make an application from the tissues.

7. Feel anxiety – do doll-motanka.

8. Under perturbation – tear the paper into small pieces.

9. Feel anxious – folding origami.

10. Want to relax – draw patterns.

11. It is important to remember – draw mazes.

12. Feel displeasure – make a copy of the picture.

13. Feel desperate – paint the road.

14. It is necessary to understand something – draw mandalas.

15. It is necessary to quickly restore power – draw landscapes.

16. Want to understand your feelings – draw a self-portrait.

17. It is important to remember the state – draw color spots.

18. If it is necessary to organize thoughts – draw a hexagon or squares.

19. Want to understand themselves and their desires– make a collage.

20. It is important to focus on the thoughts – draw points.

21. To search for the best out of the situation – draw waves and circles.

22. Feel "stuck" and need to move on – draw a spiral.

23. I want to focus on the target – draw the grid and the target.published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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