An old way to clean the pan of sludge and hardened grease. Excellent results without the cost!

There are so many appliances for cooking: crock pots, breadmakers, steamers and casseroles with non-stick coating and temperature sensors. But most of the hostesses are still in the Arsenal is conventional pans, which is already a little beaten down by time and stored on itself the traces of culinary creations in the form of sludge and hardened grease.

They are not very attractive look, and was not inspired to cook. Edition "Website" will tell you how to clean your griddle at home. There is one ancient method that will please a good result.

How to clean sofortkredit
  • 5 l of water
  • 4 tbsp of baking soda
  • 150 ml of silicate glue
  • 100 g of soap

  1. Take a metal bucket or small basin, fill it with water and put on fire.

  2. While the water to boil, RUB on a coarse grater soap. You'll need half a bar.

  3. When the water boils, add all the ingredients and mix. Put it into the water pan, reduce the flame and leave to cook for about 1-1. 5 hours. It is advisable to open a window or turn on the hood, so as not to breathe in that steam. After half an hour you will see how the carbon begins to separate.

  4. If contamination is very strong, after provarivanija you must complete the cleansing with a stiff sponge to remove all carbon.

  5. If the contamination is slight, it is enough to boil the product for about 20 minutes, and all the dirt will go away. To remove grease stains and Browning from the pan is enough to cook it in this solution for 10 minutes.

This is such a wonderful way to help you easily return the skillet to its former beauty. Share tips with friends in social networks!

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